Village Clinic

The Village Clinic is a service provided by the Church of the Messiah.  It is open to the community and is available to people who may not have access to medical care. We also have a mobile unit which will go into the community to provide free health risk assessments including blood pressure, and blood testing.  We also offer free online health risk assessments. After answering a series of questions, patients are given an analysis of their health. If a mobile unit is needed, it will be sent to you, or you can make an appointment to come to our clinic.  No identification or medical insurance is needed to participate in the village clinic program.    

Dr. Joseph Thompson is the founder and main care giver of the Village Clinic program.  Dr. Thompson said “The idea of the Village Clinic was to provide medical services that are different from what the less fortunate residents currently have”.  From the standpoint of going to the doctor and dealing with the tangled web of insurance, the medical system has become very complicated.  For many, it’s an unsurmountable wall. We are breaking down that wall. The goal of out clinic is to get sick people to a place where they are stable and educate them to the degree that they can go to their own doctor and advocate for themselves. 

The bottom line is to bring those with medical needs here to the church and interact with them in a very personal way.  We urge families with long term issues like diabetes, to come and learn with the afflicted individual.  It has been proven if the whole family is involved in care decisions, the patient gets well quicker and stays healthy longer.  We like to offer screenings because that is the way to get people engaged.  The key thing is to make the patient aware of their illness.  Even if the medicines and tools are available to help the patient, if they aren’t educated about their condition the likely won’t get better.

For more information about the Village Clinic, please contact the church office and we will arrange for you to see a doctor, free of charge.  That’s right, NO INSURANCE NEEDED. 

Call to make an appointment: 313-567-1158