Meet Pastor Barry

Pastor Barry Randolph is one of the most pragmatic, passionate and motivating pastors you may ever find. 

Barry will tell you  that he was called by God to “find my people”. He has done exactly that by adjusting his approach to “church”.  Simply put, Barry knows his audience.  His vision inspires and transforms our community youth into future leaders.  That’s why The Church of the Messiah flourishes with so many grass roots community initiatives and difference makers.

Watch this video as Barry explains what motivates him, who he is, who he is not and how his journey led him the Church of the Messiah, 

Now that you know a little bit about him, enjoy this library of sermons from Pastor Barry Randolph and the Church of the Messiah.


Archived Sermons


“Bucket People”


“Woman at the Well”


“Once Blind, Now I See”


“The Authority to Wake Something Up”




“Righteousness over Religious”


“Voice of the Shepherd”