Raise the Roof

It’s time for a resurrection!

The Church of the Messiah is over 140 years old and is in dire need of a new roof.  All our community services take place under this leaky roof. If the roof collapses, which is soon to be a reality, so do all our community outreach programs.  Messiah’s roof will cost nearly half a million dollars to renovate.  This amount is unachievable unless we cease to continue our outreach programs that are making such a difference in our communities. 

One visit to the Church of the Messiah will quickly reveal water damage that is a direct result of the leaking roof. No matter which way you look, holes in the wall and dark, cancer-like, patches can be found as a result of dripping water now eroding the once pristine architecture of the past. 

At the Church of Messiah, we work at the grass roots level. We help build communities and neighborhoods, provide housing and internet. We help the kids get into college. Simply put, we work from the ground up. We are now asking for your help from the top down to be able to sustain these efforts.

Take a Look At What We Are Up Against

Accepting Donations Towards Our New Roof

We are aware that people often want to donate to a specific cause.  All money collected for “Raise The Roof” will go directly to the roof restoration and maintenance, not to other programs that we have or pastor salaries (by the way, the pastor receives no salary).

Choose “Church of the Messiah Raise the Roof” from the donation options to make a contribution towards our new roof.