Project “I Am” is a collaboration of over 100 non-denominational churches in Southeast Michigan.  The goal is to share resources to build strong faith based communities based on Church of the Messiah’s model of affordable housing, workforce development, technology, education, and entrepreneurship.

Barry Randolph stated “We take the word of God, make it tangible, and manifest it into the world”… “Basically we teach other churches how to do what we already successfully do”.  Project “I Am” teaches churches how to buy property, how to work with government, law enforcement, the school system and how to work with other people within the church who have a skillset that can actually help to rebuild a community.  Essentially, we teach other churches to do ministry effectively with limited resources.

The group consists of Pastors and meets, in person, at the Church of the Messiah, on Saturday, 10am, at the end of each month. Speakers and guests like land bank city managers, work force developers, Department of Agriculture, etc. are always available at the meeting. Congregation members are welcome to attend and listen.