BLVD Harambee

BLVD Harambee is the umbrella in which all of Church of the Messiah’s community programs fall under.

BLVD Harambee is a non-profit organization helping foster life skills and resources for the holistic development of young people in the neighborhood. 

This grass roots initiative was created by the Episcopal Church of the Messiah to promote Empowerment, Education, Employment, Enlightenment and Entertainment.

What does BLVD Harambee mean?

Well that’s easy!  BLVD is an acronym for…B = Building  L = Leaders. V = Village  D = Development.  And “Harambee” means “all pull together” in Swahili.

Our Community Programs Include

Community Housing

Providing 213 Units of Housing for Islandview Residents

Five Alive

Community Leaders Organizing to Help Solve Societal Concerns


Our Community’s Youth Mentored Through the Performing Arts. 

Project I AM

S.E. Michigan Churches Sharing Resources to Build Community.


Equitable Internet Initiative

Peace and Prosperity

Youth Action Movement for Social Justice

Village Clinic

Messiah’s Health Clinic, Open to The Community.

Garden of Eating

Community Urban Farming

Silence The Violence

The Largest Grass Roots Anti-Violence March in the Country

Theatre With a Puropse

A Faith Based Theater Program

I Am Detroit Christian Radio

Good News Radio Channel, WMKM 1440 AM