Peace and Prosperity


Youth Action Movement for Social Justice

Peace & Prosperity Youth Action Movement (PPM) is a group of teens and young adults, ages 12 through high school, focused on increasing social equity within our community. We know that equality doesn’t always mean equity, and everyone else should know, too. Social equity (also known as social justice) is the opportunity one has to reach success regardless of class, race, and gender. 

PPM’s strategy is to build a coalition of youth leaders throughout Michigan to create change in their local community and increase social equity. PPM’s model is based on over three years of youth action research in school and community settings, including project-based learning, focus groups, listening sessions, photo voice, surveys, and facilitated dialogue. PPM seeks to build a powerful and sustainable base for youth voice and educational opportunity. Youth aren’t just the leaders of the future, they are leaders right now!

The Detroit chapter of Peace & Prosperity Youth Action Movement (PPM) began in 2020 as a natural offshoot of Detroit-based graduates from Freedom Summer Organizing School.


Environmental Justice, especially increasing access to, ownership of, and the sense of belonging that Black youth experience in green spaces as well as nourishing community gardens and food cooperatives

Education Justice, emphasizing closing resource disparities between urban, predominately Black, and suburban, largely white, schools, and achieving the Black Lives Matter at School demands.​

Community Safety & Ending Violence by strengthening neighborly ties and ending gun, police, gender-based violence, without increasing the size and scope of the criminal-legal system.

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