Five Alive

Five Alive is a community stakeholders meeting.  On the last Monday of each month, Church of the Messiah brings community resources together in the form of a one hour conference call/Zoom type meeting to discuss how influential entities can come together to help the community.

Detroit is home to several networks advancing health, education, housing, youth development, workforce development and small business growth. In 2013, Church of the Messiah formed “Five Alive” a collaborative accountability network that seeks to coordinate and connect aligned activities, while also ensuring that neighborhood goals and outcomes are met. Partners-Public Schools, Police, Local Government, Neighborhood Associations, Small Business Associations, Non -Profits, Private Developers, Community Development Corporations, Faith Based Organizations and Labor Organizations.

The Five Alive program is now being adopted by other districts and communities throughout the State of Michigan.  Pastor Barry Randolph stated “Often times there is misinformation and rumors as a result of hear-say, Five Alive brings together those who know the facts, and who have real answers to community concerns”…”It simply works because it gets rid of the us and them”

Five Alive is by invitation only and is moderated by a representative of the Church of Messiah.  For more information, or would like to request to be a participant, please contact the church office.  313-567-1158