Computer Builder

The BLVD Harambee Empowerment Center offers a “Build a computer program” which allows young people the opportunity to learn basic computer construction and components while building a computer that will belong to them once complete. After several successful sessions of the program we realized the students were still utilizing the Centers computer lab to perform research and complete homework assignments because they had no internet at home.

Equitable Internet Initiative Goals

This EII will help our organization resolve that issue and as a result fulfill the vision that the original program intended. Our goal is two-fold.

First, to provide high-speed internet to our local community in an attempt to empower/inform them so that they will have some of the tools needed to be involved with the redevelopment of our community to ensure positive change that benefits the entire community.

Secondly. to provided hands on training to assist young people with developing a skill that could lead to possible employment or developing a business.
In addition, we believe this project will assist in the Harambee portion of our organization by developing personal relationship during the design and implementation process of the project.