BH Bike Shop

The BH Bike Shop, formerly the Mount Elliot Makerspace, is located in the basement of the Church of the Messiah on E. Grand Boulevard in Detroit. Thus far, the shop has offered a hands-on environment for woodworking, screen printing, media creation, electronics and bicycle repair. The facility is filled with various tools and equipment used for the repairing and reconditioning of bicycles. The shop is also a training facility for members of the community to repair and/or restore bicycles.
“A unique aspect of this bicycle shop is the ‘earn-a-bike’ apprenticeship program.” Those members of the community that do not own a bicycle have the opportunity to earn one for free by repairing a bike that is in disrepair. For those members not interested in learning to fix or maintain a bicycle can purchase refurbished bikes at a reasonable price.

Contact Wally Gilbert for more information.